Why The Law Boutique?

Hi, I’m Electra and this is my first blog post.

Before starting up The Law Boutique, I studied law in the UK, qualified as a Barrister in Cyprus (where I’m from) and then went on to get a Masters in International Business Law from the University of Exeter.

After graduating, I worked mainly for large internationals such as the European Space Agency, Disney and British American Tobacco where I specialised in negotiating, drafting and managing high volume, complex contracts with our suppliers. Many of those suppliers were start-ups or SMEs.

I found it frustrating that these smaller companies didn’t have the legal support that they needed. I saw promising, passionate and determined young companies sign away their precious intellectual property, take on disproportionate risk and commit to contracts they couldn’t fulfil.

But I understood why such bright entrepreneurs took such risky decisions. The way the current legal industry is structured, means that it is inaccessible to clients who can’t pay big retainers or afford extortionate hourly fees. What’s more, it’s confusing, hard to understand and can even be quite scary to someone who hasn’t dealt with lawyers before.

That really bothered me. I found it very unfair and sad that the companies that were shaping our future were so underserved by the legal industry.

I tried to figure out what needed to be done to make law more easily accessible. I observed the inefficiencies, duplication and aversion to the use of technology. I saw how the heavy bureaucracy with little added value often performed by highly skilled and highly paid lawyers made processes long and slow. The fee structure itself was in fact driving the wrong behaviours with lawyers who didn’t understand something, being reluctant to ask the client out of fear that their ‘value’ would be questioned. That led to more time spent researching and in turn, higher bills. It was all wrong and it seemed ludicrous.

So I decided that the legal industry was in need of an overhaul.

With the use of the right tools, leaner processes and technology, law can be cheaper. By implementing smarter and more collaborative ways of working, we can offer our clients cheaper, more efficient and quicker service delivery without losing the quality and personal touch.

I am truly passionate about changing the face of the legal industry. I want to introduce balance to the system, help the companies that are shaping our future and show the rest of the legal industry that it can be done.