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Optimise your legal function

No-nonsense strategic consultancy services to optimise how you work. We provide practical advice and guidance that cements Legal as a growth-enabler.

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Nail strategy

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Maximise value

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Drive growth

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Demonstrate ROI

Get your house in order with optimisation

What does optimising Legal look like? Lawyers were trained to do law, not building out a legal function and the two are very different. Today’s in-house lawyer or general counsel is expected to build a scaleable legal function underpinned by legal design, automation, appropriate tech solutions and in line with a target operating model and strategy that flows from the OKRs and roadmap of the business whilst demonstrating your ROI and ongoing improvements through data… It’s a minefield!

But if you don’t take time to build out your legal function properly, you’ll always feel like you’re on the back foot. It’s like moving into a new house without unpacking and three months later wondering why the place is such a mess!

Front-loading your effort to build out an optimised legal function is probably the best investment you’ll ever make.

We can help you build out your Target Operating Model to underpin your Legal function – so it’s running as a successful business.

This involves reviewing and optimising your five ‘pillars’:




Data and technology

Outsourcing and insourcing

Through our bespoke methodology, we cement Legal as strategic business enablers and leaders. This helps you operate in a lean and structured way to drive maximum value to the business and demonstrate your ROI through real data.

Light a fire under Legal

Legal as a business growth enabler can be done! Show them what you’ve got. Join us.

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