A new wave of contract management

Churning through contracts is a waste of precious resources. In-house Legal has better things to do. Outsource your high volume contract review work to our team of qualified lawyers and get your time back. We’ll take it from here. 

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Let us do the dirty work

We offer contract review and management services to relieve you of certain tasks when your time is better spent elsewhere.

On average, in-house legal teams spend 63% of their time reviewing non-strategic contracts. There’s no reason for that. Precious in-house resources should focus on work that adds value. The rest can be outsourced.

  • Service contracts, MSAs, Statements of Work, NDAs
  • Technology agreements (we’re tech law experts)
  • Partnership agreements
  • Data Protection Addendums
  • End-to-end negotiation
  • Contract database management
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How it works

Evaluation: We’ll work with you to identify the types of contracts to be supported, clarify your needs and priorities.

Setup: We create or update playbooks, document required processes, automate most frequently used documents (so the business can self-serve) agree escalation and governance process and set you up on our platform as a user where you can access a bank of template documents, processes and other useful document.

Get to work: Get access to our dedicated platform and start sending us work. We’ll deliver it within 3 working days (max) and report on valuable data insights, monthly, so you can drive decision making and demonstrate your ROI.

Ready to get started?

Why pay for a one-off contract review, when you could have lasting change that increases business autonomy and supercharges output? It’s Legal, the easy way. Contact us today and wave goodbye to mundane contract processes tomorrow.

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