Curve: one Legal Function to rule them all

Curve is not a card.
The Law Boutique isn’t an outsourced legal service.

Here’s how we optimised Curve’s entire Legal function to make it a nexus of business information and driver of change.

“By the end of the process, we had a suite of bespoke, easy-to-use tools that allowed us to better manage our workload, save time and money and empower other business stakeholders. All this while maintaining the right level of control through a managed workflow process.”

Alistair Houghton

General Counsel, Curve


The Challenge

We set out to help the General Counsel and sole in-house lawyer with…


Ensuring the legal team had enough time to work on high value, strategic work

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

Keeping up with the business needs and rapid growth plans

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-gear||Computer Gear

Establishing a legal function that could deal with day to day business needs whilst remaining lean

What we did

Enter The Law Boutique, stage left.

Phase 1: Discovery

We interviewed key stakeholders to understand the culture, what tools were widely used in the business and what they really needed from their legal team. Time for some disruption.

Phase 2: Execution

Based on what we found during the discovery phase, we provided them with our platform which:

  • Enabled stakeholders to interact with Legal through a central location and self-serve where possible (a ‘legal intranet page’)
  • Automated NDAs
  • Contained a contract database that contained key information and renewal alerts. Stakeholders just had to fill in a form with some basic details and the document was auto-created and sent for e-signature via DocuSign, all in one seamless action
  • Generated reports and analytics
  • Managed tasks and workload
  • Implemented a ‘legal query’ ticketing system
  • The result? An effective frontline and empowerment of other team members to take on tasks that would alleviate the workload of the legal team. 

Phase 3: Ongoing support

Contract overflow support

To help alleviate workload, we took on all commercial contract reviews and simple legal queries that came from the business leaving the in-house Legal team with time to drive growth. Like it should do. 

The result

Try it for yourself

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