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GDPR gap analysis


Remediation projects

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Day-to-day support

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Too often, GCs and in-house teams are bogged down with mundane repetitive tasks, instead of focusing on the high-level, value-add work. From end-to-end GDPR remediation projects to daily ongoing data protection support, we can provide quality services designed with the user in mind. It’s data protection – optimised.

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) are mandatory for several types of businesses:

  • those systematically processing large volumes of data
  • public authorities
  • those whose core activity consists of large scale processing of special category data
  • those who process data relating to criminal convictions and offences

Data protection gap analysis and evaluation

Did you get all your policies created in a rush just before the 2018 May deadline and never thought about GDPR again? Have you seen more incidents, DSARs and other issues creep up as your business grows, but not sure what to tackle first? Our Data Protection Gap Analysis is for you. 

For a one-off fixed fee, we’ll review your Data Protection processes, policies and ‘privacy by design’ and provide a full report with actionable recommendations. If you like, we can help remediate any issues we find for you too. 

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Day-to-day data protection and support

Got a DPO but just need someone to manage the heavy day-to-day lifting? We can help field questions in the business, review DPAs and manage your records of processing, so you can focus on the more strategic work.

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With our all services, we provide regular reporting including reporting to the board, so you can glean valuable insights about your data protection compliance status, risks and issues and volume of requests.

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Challenges of managing data protection in-house

Many organisations, particularly fast-growth tech companies, may find that the DPO’s responsibilities are a challenge to deliver, given the breadth of knowledge required of data processing and data security operations, the workload the legal and compliance team already have and the complexities that require expert guidance.

An alternative to a full time in-house resource

Outsourcing DPO tasks and duties means you get access to expert advice and guidance that helps you address data protection compliance demands while staying focused on your business activities. It’s also more cost effective than having a full time resource and the overheads that brings with it. Finally, it gives you peace of mind that all your data protection compliance is being handled properly by a team of qualified legal experts.

We’re not just another outsourced DPO service

We understand the nature of fast-growth organisations and their changing needs. We also understand that it’s not all about the law. We optimise, influence and maintain your data protection compliance with our in-depth expertise, engaging training and tech-enabled, commercial, pragmatic approach.

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  • Team of data protection experts
  • Specialists in fast-growth tech organisations
  • Day-to-day business queries support
  • Optimising your operations as we go along 
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  • Named data protection officer, registered with ICO
  • Policies maintenance and annual reviews
  • Subject access request & rights support
  • Data breach support
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  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Engaging awareness training
  • Act as an extension of your team
  • Access to our dedicated platform
  • Uniquely holistic approach to data protection
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Automate your processes

With our legal platform combined with our expert data protection and operations know-how, we can help you build out a lean, mean data protection compliance machine that will save you time, money and headaches.

Optimise your data protection function

Managing your data protection compliance can take up a huge chunk of your legal team’s time. This is because teams rarely set themselves up to manage data protection scaleably – and it’s not their fault. Lawyers were trained to do law, not operationalise their processes.

Data Protection is not all about the law. In fact, a successful data protection framework is one that’s built with scaleability in mind. If you’re not set up properly, Data Protection can become hugely time-consuming allowing little time for anything else.

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How optimised is your data protection?

Our aim is to get you to the final level, where you have data at your fingertips to monitor compliance and spot risks. Where do you currently fall on the scale? Take our quiz to find out..

Case Study

See our latest case study below and see how we supercharged our clients’ Legal functions.

Tide case study

To help Tide keep up with an ever-changing business landscape and cement its legal team at the core of growth, we provided data protection support. Here’s how we helped the company overcome challenges, while optimising its legal function.







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