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What's a Legal Optimisation company?

Good question – seeing as we’re the first of our kind. We partner with GCs and in-house legal teams as well as business leaders like CEOs, CFOs and COOs to optimise the way their legal function works. Legal teams are often a big cost centre, not always the quickest to respond and can be seen as a bottleneck. Although it’s tempting to blame this on the lawyers, it’s hardly their fault. They were trained to do law which is complicated and high risk, yet they’re expected to do so much more once they’re in-house. We help set up a legal function that is lean, scaleable and fit for purpose. We do this by taking on the heavy lifting and providing teams with access to our platfrom, so the admin is automated. We also take on data protection work, contract review and legal design work. We’re a one-stop-shop to a building a mean, lean, efficiency machine out of a legal function. 

Are you a regulated law firm?

We’re not regulated by the SRA as we don’t carry out ‘reserved’ legal activities, e.g. litigation. But, all work is carried out under the supervision of qualified solicitors with up-to-date practicing certificates.

We make sure to maintain adequate insurance equivalent to that required by regulated law firms at all times. We also follow the SRA code of conduct including confidentiality obligations. 

Are you UK qualified?

Yes, all of our solicitors are UK qualified. We also have legal analysts who are not qualified but have a legal background. All legal work that goes out of the door is ultimately reviewed by a qualified solicitor before it leaves us. 

How do you charge?

We’ve debated this long and hard and we’ve concluded that law is just impossible to fix price entirely. This is because something that you might think is simple at the outset, turns out to be horribly complex or you’re negotiating with a third party that’s just behaving a bit unreasonably and therefore increasing the negotiation time significantly. 

We do however try to keep our pricing simple and we fix-price anything we can. We don’t have tiered rates. All our lawyers are priced the same, regardless of level of experience. For ongoing outsourced legal support like contract review or DPO support, we charge a monthly subscription fee that gives you access to a pool of hours. Plans start at £2,000 + VAT for a pool of 10 hours. For discrete legal design projects, we usually charge fixed fees, starting from £1,400 for a simple document re-design. For GDPR projects, we usually charge on a Time and Materials basis, based on our daily rate of £1,400. 

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