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Helping Funding Circle’s Legal Team Build a Better Financial World

Funding Circle is one of the best-capitalised lending platforms in the world. It provides small businesses with fast, easy access to funding in order to grow, create jobs and support local communities. 

In short, they’re here to drive the economy forward

Here’s how we set about helping Rob and his lean legal team revolutionise its contractual negotiations, by standardising their positions and giving them their time back.

The challenge

A business with such high ambitions creates a lot of legal work – and that means a lot of contracts. When scaling at pace, there is always a risk that contracts won’t always be negotiated consistently. Sharing knowledge within the team gets tricky and negotiating agreements takes time, especially when preferred positions aren’t documented.

Headshot of Robert Kerrigan

“The most valuable commodity to any lawyer is time, and the multi-disciplined Law Boutique team helped us identify the time we were spending inefficiently and provided us with smart and accessible solutions to give that time back to us. Like most legal functions, our working methods haven’t evolved at the same pace as the business we support, so our work with The Law Boutique has been a timely exercise in reconfiguring how we manage workflow, how we negotiate contracts consistently, and how we store and share our knowledge”

Robert Kerrigan, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

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