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Law doesn’t need to be confusing. Or boring for that matter. Your legal documents are as much a reflection of your brand as the rest of what you put out there. We believe legal documents should be simple, easy to understand and beautiful.

What is legal design?

Legal design is the application of design thinking to law. The purpose is to create legal documents that are specifically designed for the end user – whether that be your stakeholders, your customers or other lawyers.

That means creating documents which best meet their needs, solve their problems and have excellent Legal UX (or ‘LUX’ as we like to call it).

Why it matters

Lawyers often forget that the end user isn’t just the judge in case things go wrong. In most cases, legal documents are meant for people who don’t have a legal background, like your sales team.

Legal design simply means taking that person into consideration when you’re creating your documents, which in turn means quicker contract lifecycles, engaged business stakeholders and a stronger brand for Legal.

Our very own NDA

Why should legal design be boring?

The benefits

Is this just a ‘nice-to-have’? The answer is no. LUX is the future. And it’s also a huge commercial advantage.

Maximises business engagement

Well designed documents mean that the business engages with them more, resulting in less work for you. There’s also a better chance that they’ll be able to act as ‘first line of defence’ when the other side has questions.

Reduces risk

Using plain English and clear formatting is not to be underestimated. Simplicity leads to parties entering into agreements with their eyes open and customers are clear on their obligations, reducing the risk of confusion or dispute later down the line.

Increase customer trust

Most companies spend huge amounts of time and money on their brand image but when it comes to the legal documents, that disappears. Consistency in your tone of voice across all your content (including your legal documents) builds customer trust. And if they’re fun to look at, then you’ll win their hearts over too.

Beautiful documents

All documents we create are bespoke, beautifully designed and on-brand. You’ll gain a consistent look and feel that reflects your brand and tone of voice. Because who said law had to be boring?

Billy the businessman relaxing in a bucket chair
“The Law Boutique helped us find our tone of voice and delivered a set of user-friendly, plain English terms that really speak to our customer base.”

Atik Ahmed
Legal Counsel, TradeIX

How it works


It all starts with a discovery session to understand what you are trying to achieve and who is the target audience.


After our discovery session we will gather data on your target audience, plan the changes that we’ll make to the language and provide you with options on how the end product will look and feel.


In our deliver stage there are two steps:
– Language simplification: we’ll revise the contractual language so that it’s simpler and more aligned to your tone of voice without compromising on quality or legal standing
– Graphic design: once you’ve approved the language, we’ll go ahead and re-design your document so that it looks as good as it sounds.

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