it all started when...

…the legal industry got too stuffy. Lawyers became too difficult to access, slow to respond and way too expensive.

It’s fair to say that external lawyers don’t have the best reputation. The nature of the complaints heard are consistent: extortionate fees, confusing language and slow response times. In an agile, tech-focussed world, it seems unthinkable.

But bizarrely, it’s not. Options for agile, high quality legal support are limited.


We love technology. Technology helps us to be leaner and quicker. With an AI-driven, tech-heavy back-office we are free from administrative, repetitive tasks giving us time to focus on doing what our clients pay us to do - just law. If you’re an in-house lawyer, we can show you how we did it and help you do it too.


The Law Boutique was founded because we wanted to bring law into the 21st century.

Law is an archaic industry, we knew things needed to be shaken up, desperately. The way law is offered is no longer workable and so we want to drive that change.


Once we start working with you, we employ a 'project mindset'. We commit to deliverables, set milestones and offer you real transparency so you know where you stand.


We employ a unique commercial model that is rarely found in the legal industry. Full transparency around charges, flexible, on-demand support and keeping it simple.


Simplicity, transparency and adding real value to our clients. We aim to truly partner with you to understand your needs, offer pragmatic advice and help you problem-solve by providing a high quality service that is quick, efficient and affordable.