E-Commerce Pack

E-Commerce Pack


Our E-Commerce Pack includes the following essential documents and each is tailored to your business: 

  • A call before we start drafting to discuss your business and understand how you operate

  • Terms of Service

  • Website Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Cookie Policy

  • Guidance on where the check-boxes should go and what wording to use to get users to agree to your terms

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This pack is perfect for E-Commerce sites or apps, whereby users make purchases directly through your site.


These are your commercial terms. They outline your relationship with your users, how sales are made, what your refund policy is, what happens in the case of a dispute and who to contact if there are any complaints. This is not just a legal document that you must have on your site by law. These terms can be the making or the breaking of your business. Being fair and transparent with your users is key to your success and putting the right protections in place if things go wrong can save you a lot money and angst in the long run.


As a website owner, you spend an incredible amount of time and money creating your website content and perfecting your branding. Your website terms and conditions will clearly state that your website is your intellectual property and that you will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or outdated information.


Although an Acceptable Use Policy is not required by law, it is a good idea to have one so that you can be clear with your users about how your site may and may not be used.


If you have a website, then you're collecting personal data. IP addresses which are collected automatically about the people that browse your site for example, are considered personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You are also likely to be collecting other information about your visitors such as their name, email etc. By law, you must tell your users what you do with that information, why you need it and how you look after it.


Personal Data does not only mean email addresses and names. It means any information relating to an identifiable natural person such as name, location information or online identifier. In other words, although you may not knowingly be collecting personal data, your website still is. In order to provide your users with access to your pages, images and files, your website needs to collect IP addresses as a minimum.


We’ll spend time understanding your business and tailor your documents to your exact needs. Once we deliver your documents, we’ll provide clear instructions on how they need to be displayed on your website or app, where you need to include the check-boxes so users can agree to your terms and provide you with appropriate wording to go alongside the check-boxes. Once you upload your documents to your site or app, we’ll go through it all to make sure everything is displayed correctly.