Bespoke Business Terms

Bespoke Business Terms


Our Bespoke business terms include:

  • A call before we start drafting to discuss your business and understand how you operate

  • A Mutual NDA

  • Bespoke business terms and template Statement of Work (if appropriate)

  • A call after we’ve delivered your documents to go over them with you

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This is for any freelancer, agency or small business that delivers services to clients. Without your own business terms, you will either have to work on different clients’ contractual terms or, worse, work without a contact at all. The problem with working on different terms for each client, is that you will have the cost of reviewing each set of terms every time you on-board someone new and you work on an inconsistent basis. Working without a contract at all dramatically increases your risk of disputes, not getting paid and being unclear on what your rights and obligations are.


Having your own terms and conditions drafted to reflect the way you operate, could be the make or break of your venture. A contractual agreement is more than just an insurance mechanism in case things go wrong. It is an opportunity to establish the terms of your agreement with the other party and set out expectations at the beginning of the relationship. Going through the process of putting a contract in place gives both parties a chance to clarify things that may have been said during negotiations, via email, through text or just when you met up that one time. It is essential for the longevity of your relationships and good dealings with your clients.


As a small business, it is important that you build trust with your client from the beginning when you first enter into negotiations. NDAs are used to keep information, such as trade secrets or proprietary information, secret and confidential.


We’ll spend time understanding your business, advising on strategy around how to construct your agreement to drive the right behaviours and take the time to tailor your agreement to your exact needs. Once we deliver your documents, we’ll go through them with you to make sure you understand them properly. We will also review the first client contract you put together at no additional cost to make sure you’re doing it right.

The Law Boutique went over and above to deliver an outstanding quality of work at speed. Electra’s ability to craft legal contracts which incentivize positive commercial behaviour and have strategy baked-in is exceptional. Highly recommended!

Sian Allmark, Founder of The Fifth Mark