LIGHTNING: legal management service with a twist

Legal has better thing to do than churn through contracts.

The age-old problem

Reviewing and negotiating routine commercial contracts can take up most of Legal’s time. But those contracts simply aren’t business-critical enough to justify the cost of instructing external counsel.

The result? The contract ends up taking up precious internal legal resource or companies take the risk and sign it without a proper review.

But in-house lawyers are hired to advise on strategic initiatives, not spend all day reviewing non-strategic contracts!

Let us do the dirty work

With our LIGHTNING legal management service, you can fully outsource your contract review and negotiation to us. Our service is fully tailored to your business needs and we manage every aspect of the contracting process from start to finish.

And with our guaranteed 3-day turnaround time and competitive, fixed priced subscription model, it’s a no-brainer.

The benefits

What’s in it for you?

Gives you your time back

Feeling overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of work on your plate? Let us free up your time. With our 3 day turnaround commitment, say goodbye to your backlog of contracts and say hello to becoming a growth enabler.

Minimise risk

Through our consistent approach to contract reviews, you can be comfortable that supplier risk is being properly managed and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Optimise your function

We don’t just review your contracts, we optimise your contract function through the process. We’ll provide quarterly reports with valuable data insights around what’s causing friction and how to streamline your contracts even further.

Become a competitive advantage

By significantly reducing negotiation cycles, you’ll allow your business to close deals quicker, not only leading to faster revenue growth, but helping your business beat the competition to market!

Billy the businessman relaxing in a bucket chair
Save time and money

“By the end of the process, we had a suite of bespoke, easy-to-use tools that allowed us to better manage our workload, save time and money and empower other business stakeholders.”

Alistair Houghton
General Counsel, Curve

How it works


It all starts with a discovery session to understand types of agreements your team reviews, volumes and specific areas to consider.


Armed with what we found during discovery, we’ll build a detailed playbook covering:
– Escalation and approval matrix
– Preferred positions
– Canned responses and fallbacks


We’ll get cracking. With out 3 day turnaround commitment, you’ll never miss a beat.

Ready to get started?

Why spend your precious time reviewing non-strategic contracts when you could use our service and supercharge your output? Contact us today.

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