Ongoing Legal Support

Ongoing Legal Support

160.00 every month

We act as your in-house lawyer. Ideal for small to medium sized enterprises that need regular legal support on a monthly basis.

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Need ongoing legal support but can't afford expensive retainers or a full-time in-house lawyer? We can help.

What does our Ongoing Legal Support include?

  • One hour of legal support a month

  • Sign up for 6 months and get one hour for free!

  • Roll over any unused time to the next month.

What can I use the time for?

You can use your hour for any legal support that you need, including:

  • Legal queries

  • Contract review

  • Drafting legal documents and contracts

  • Reviewing correspondence / emails

  • General legal advisory and tailored support

Do I need this?

The reason The Law Boutique was set up was to make legal services more accessible.

Having access to a lawyer to ask questions when you need to, get a risk assessment on the documents you are regularly asked to sign or just to put your mind at ease when you feel uncomfortable about a decision you are being asked to make can be invaluable to your business.

How does it work?

Quite simply:

  1. Sign up through our website and subscribe for a mininum of 6 months

  2. Book a FREE Discovery Call with us so that we can get to know your business better (this won’t eat into your time, it’s free)

  3. Use us as your in-house lawyer for all your legal needs

If you no longer need us after the minimum 6 month subscription period, just cancel your direct debit. No cancellation fees, no notice period, just flexible, affordable and simple legal support as and when you need it. All seven hours of support (6 + 1 free) must be used in your 6 month term.