Our Journey

The Law Boutique is a Legal Optimisation Company. The first of its kind. Our purpose is to make Legal work better and smarter. But, how did we get here? Our CEO and founder, Electra Japonas, tells all…

Breaking the law

I started The Law Boutique in 2017, having spent ten years in-house, managing and negotiating commercial technology agreements. I worked predominantly for large organisations, including the European Space Agency, Disney, British American Tobacco and EY.

In every one I worked in, I always had the same two questions: 1) why was my role necessary? Surely the people in the Legal team can, and should already, be doing what I do? and 2) why don’t lawyers and the rest of the business communicate very well with each other?

The call for change

I started The Law Boutique to change the way legal support was delivered. Legal can and should be delivered in a way that is pragmatic, commercial and as automated as possible, to avoid unnecessary work and repetitive, costly tasks.

The legal industry is archaic, slow and expensive. And absolutely ripe for disruption.

Disrupting the landscape

We started off supporting early stage start-ups, predominantly with their legal documents. These companies want work delivered quickly and at a low cost. To be able to provide this to them, we found ways to automate almost everything we did, from workflow to document creation to contract database maintenance. By the end of 2018, we’d helped over 200 early stage start-ups with their legal matters and had started working with some faster growth scale-ups. Whilst helping them with their legal matters, we realised we could support with more than that – making the way they worked more efficient.

Legal doesn’t have to be so laborious and admin heavy. When you’re a small, busy in-house legal team, the more you can take off your plate, the better

We were soon working with some of the most disruptive scale-ups in the UK who seemed to really ‘get’ our ethos – an ethos which was just as disruptive as theirs.

Legal will never be the same again

Launch your legal team into a new era – at the click of a button

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