Electra Japonas Founder

hi, i’m electra

With ten years’ experience as an in-house lawyer in the corporate world, I decided that it was time for a change. I was tired of being part of big, bulky corporations and wanted to create something that would add value. Why the sudden altruism? Well, it was more frustration.

I spent the first four years of my career in the space industry, negotiating and drafting contracts with companies that sent satellites into space. I met some really clever people that made some really silly mistakes. Much of my time was spent managing contracts with tech startups that were trying to disrupt the industry and some of the legal risks they regularly took was, quite frankly, eye-watering. Startups would happily sign away their IP, take on disproportionate liability, agree to obligations they couldn’t deliver and generally risk their reputation, time and time again. When asked why they didn’t invest in a lawyer, the response was that they were happy to do the job themselves because they didn’t think the risk was that high and lawyers were just too expensive. Lack of awareness and lack of funds.

After leaving the space industry and moving into the more commercial space of technology contracts for international organisations, I saw the same pattern continue. Promising small companies that had spent years developing their product or business, putting it all at risk for the sake of landing a deal and getting the contract signed and out of the way.

It infuriated me and it made me feel that the only thing I was doing was perpetuating a broken system. So I decided to embark on a different journey, setting up as a startup myself and helping other startups with pragmatic, no-nonsense legal and commercial advice at a price they could afford.

Since the inception of The Law Boutique we have served over 250 businesses. We now work predominantly with scale-ups that are looking for external legal services to support their legal teams with their heavy workload, specialist legal support such as GDPR and commercial agreements or help with streamlining their legal operations so they can work more efficiently.

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