Privacy notice: overview

1. Data collection

What data do you collect?

Not much, just your name, email address, IP address and device information. 

2. Data processing

How is my data used?
  • Provide you with our excellent legal services
  • Make our site better and make sure that what’s on our site is presented in the most effective way
  • Let you take part in our interactive features on our site
  • Keep our site safe and secure.

3. Data sharing

Who do you share my data with?
  • Operational software providers, you know Google Drive and the like
  • CRM providers, so we can market to you about our wonderful services (HubSpot comes to mind)
  • Our website host, because that’s how we show you this top class content
  • Analytic and search engine providers, so we can keep our site (yes, this one) tip-top
  • Analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement of our site
  • With other people and organisations when the law says we don’t have a choice (soz)

4. Data storage

Where is my data stored?

Our staff are based in the UK but your data  will be transferred to the US if  the third-parties we share data with are located there.

5. My rights

My rights
  • Ask us for a copy
  • Ask us to correct it if we have it wrong
  • Ask us to delete it
  • Ask us to stop or restrict processing it
  • Ask us to send it to another company in a sensible way (e.g. not on a floppy disk)
  • Withdraw your consent if you’ve given it to us

Privacy Notice



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