we make the law work for businesses




Run your legal team like a well-oiled machine

If you need help with improving your processes to become more efficient and cost-effective as a legal department, we can help. Learn about the latest in available (free) tech, tailor your processes and assess the real risk associated with alleviating some of your workload. Do you really need to review every NDA?




Don’t be selfish

Legal documents have traditionally been created by lawyers, for lawyers. But they are rarely written for our benefit, We can make the world of legal services and legal practice better through design. By creating documents for the people that are using them instead of the lawyers themselves, we can deliver better services tailored to their function and their experiential needs,



Be a contract-crunching machine

Deal turnover speed is a genuine competitive advantage yet most legal teams are bottlenecks. In-house lawyers say they spend a whopping 60-80% of their time reviewing contracts! With our 3 - 7 day turnaround SLA and rates at less than half the price of our competitors, your solution is a no-brainer.




Tech it up

Tech doesn’t necessarily mean complex (and expensive) AI and Blockchain systems. It means finding tools that can help automate, speed-up and streamline your day to day. We are experts in building tech-driven back-offices for legal teams on a shoestring. No need to spend valuable time learning yet another tool and no expensive licence fees either.



Compliant by design

To be honest, GDPR work is not necessarily legal work. Most of it is operations and process. With our expert guidance and agile project methodology, we can we can help you identify your gaps, implement the changes that are needed and create a governance framework to ensure ongoing compliance.




Don’t be a bore

Customer-facing documents like your privacy policy for example, don’t need to be devoid of all personality just because they are legal documents. Bring your tone of voice into them and make your readers want to read them. It will also make you stand out from the crowd of documents written in legalese that serve no other purpose than ticking a box. Check out our privacy policy for inspo.