Riding the Wave: Optimising Tide’s Data Protection

Tide is the leading provider of UK SME business accounts. Their legal team came to us to help streamline their processes.

Here’s what happened when we optimised data protection to better meet the company’s ever-growing needs.

‘The Law Boutique have been a huge value-add through their holistic approach, providing expert support, and ultimately saving us time and money. They’re also incredibly responsive and commercially-minded.’ Martyna Budzynska, Senior Legal Counsel at Tide


Where do we come in?

Our holistic offering combining people, process and technology truly meets the needs of in-house legal teams. 

To support legal functions with data protection requirements, we deliver sustainable governance frameworks suited to today’s modern businesses. 

By creating and implementing tech-enabled tools, business departments can easily self-serve on low-risk data protection issues while the legal function can focus on essential ongoing compliance and wider business engagement.

The Challenge

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Support ongoing knowledge and understanding of GDPR

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Provide quick access to GDPR resources


Reduce the time spent responding to GDPR queries

Our solution

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The Result


  1. 1The Legal and Compliance teams are no longer slowed down by high volume, low risk data protection requests, as the business is able to self-serve, expediting new business opportunities and deal speed.
  2. 2The Legal and Compliance teams have the data it needs to determine where to dedicate its training efforts, as the Help Desk provides insights into the types of requests being submitted and from which business function.
  3. 3The Help Desk, along with both general and targeted departmental training, ensures everyone in the company has an understanding of the GDPR, the impact it has on their function and what their responsibilities are, which are essential to Tide’s ongoing compliance.

What can we do for you?

Want access to your own Help Desk? Our fully-fledged legal management platform is ready and waiting to help you get s**t done. Book a demo today to see what it can do for you

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