TOOLS: optimising through playbooks

Struggling to maintain consistency across your contractual landscape? Managing work and driving processes you shouldn’t be? We’ve got you covered. Getting your time back and standardising your approach is easier than you think.

What are playbooks?

A contract playbook effectively lays out the terms of a contract type and provides clear guidance on your preferred positions, approved variations and an indication as to whether the terms is negotiable or not. Good playbooks also provide a rationale as to why the position is as it is so that the negotiator and enter into any discussion around it confidently. They are an extremely useful tool in ensuring that your contractual landscape remains consistent, negotiations become speedier and they support an optimised contract lifecycle without complications. 
Playbooks also give negotiators instant access to a plain language rationale for the organization’s use of a given clause and when to escalate an issue to a legal or business approver.

Can you relate?

There’s often a misunderstanding of Legal’s remit within a business. With Legal treated as something ‘other’, lawyers are often left to manage workloads and drive processes that should be taken care of elsewhere. 

Maintaining consistency across your legal landscape while taking on additional work can make lawyers feel overloaded, short on time, and unable to drive strategy. Sound all-too-familiar? 

Optimising through standardisation

We have the solution you’re looking for. We optimise the delivery of legal work through standardisation and the re-shaping of interactions between business and Legal.

Playbook creation

We’ll design bespoke, user-friendly playbooks for use by your team and the business. These establish which of your clauses are negotiable (and how far), your fallback positions and canned responses.

Negotiation process

A contract is not just for Legal: it’s a commercial document. This is why we’ll implement a clear negotiation process with correct accountability, audit trail and governance structure which can increase your negotiation speed from review to signature by a whopping 30%!

Business training

Contracts are often delayed because the business doesn’t have the right knowledge or accountability. Training is key to driving the right behaviours. We create interactive and engaging training that will both educate.

What are the benefits?

Here’s what’s in it for you (to name just a few benefits):

Enable business growth
By introducing a negotiation process, you can significantly reduce the amount of time taken to close a deal. This, in turn, allows the business to grow faster and turns Legal into a competitive advantage.
Gives you your time back

By reallocating workloads and establishing accountability within the business, you’ll get your precious time back to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhance your personal brand

By training your business how to interact with Legal, they’ll get the best out of you and your team, cementing Legal as a trusted advisor and business enabler.

Reduces risk

We’ll help you to establish consistency across your Legal landscape so you can feel comfortable that supplier and customer risk are being properly managed.

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How it works


Firstly, we’ll start with a discovery session to see where your pain points lie and how we can best address them.


We’ll then design your bespoke tools, such as playbooks and training materials.


We can then start delivering results. The service will be tailored to you and your specific business needs. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach, each case is individual.

Ready to get started?

Start your journey towards a consistent function today. Get in touch. 

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