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Helping TradeIX revolutionise trade finance for SMEs

TradeIX is a pioneer when it comes to rewiring trade. We love a revolutionary around here.

Here’s how our design-thinking principles helped TradeIX connect with a new audience.


A fast-growing innovator, TradeIX operates the world’s first open platform for trade finance. The Marco Polo Platform represents the dawn of the ‘internet of trade’ and is unlocking billions of working capital that have not yet been accessed by financial institutions or alternative funders.

This rewiring of trade and working capital finance infrastructure is powered by distributed ledger technology and its ability to securely move assets and credit across the globe.

In short: it changes the game.

The challenge


Differentiating the product from the rest of the business, to appeal to different audience

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Communicating T&Cs for Marco Polo product simply and clearly, making language accessible to SMEs

Maintaining brand values

“The Law Boutique helped us find our tone of voice and delivered a set of user-friendly, plain English terms that really speak to our customer base.”

Atik Ahmed, Legal Counsel

The result

Slide the controller on the image below to compare the documents before and after. 

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